Wednesday, December 17

Gift Wrapping Early.....

Before you know it it seems like the holidays are here already. With all the shopping, parties, baking, and everything else that needs to be done before the big day, sometimes wrapping gifts is at the bottom of the "To Do" list. There is nothing worse than attending your Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends only to come home late that evening and have to wrap up gifts until the wee hours of Christmas morning. Just not the way I like to start of my Christmas Day each year!! LOL LOL

So each and every year I make a pact with myself to wrap all the gifts the week before Christmas. This way it is done, out of the way, and I have no worries on when I will have time to get it done! It is just so much easier to pull out all the wrapping paper, bows, labels and tape just one time in this busy season!!

Some of the gifts before we started wrapping....As soon as Little Miss saw me reach for the camera she started cheesing...LOL LOL

The floor in the midst of wrapping.

Some presents already wrapped and labeled.

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Lynn said...

Great job on the wrapping! You sound like you're on the ball.