Monday, December 15

Money Mailer....

Have you ever received a Money Mailer envelope in your mailbox? Do you open it up...or just toss it in the recycling bin? It may look like junk mail...but trust me it is like a bargains shoppers feast!!! LOL LOL I always make sure to open mine up each time one arrives....I never know what great coupons will be inside!!

Sometimes it is for local restaurants we like to dine at, or for area businesses we frequent, or even a local company or eatery we have yet to try, but might since the discount is so good. Sometimes the coupons are Buy 1 Get 1 Free, or money off coupons, sale price coupons, etc. It really is a great way to connect with area businesses near your home at a discount!!

If you have yet too see a Money Mailer arrive in your mailbox, you can simply enter your zip code here and see what coupons or discounts are available near you, if any. Another great feature about Money Mailer, is that you can print the coupons or discounts off right from your need to wait for the envelope to arrive in your postal mailbox!! But if it does show up in the future....make sure to open it up!! You will not be disappointed!!

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