Thursday, December 11

Vacuuming In The Driveway....

Thrifty Jinxy

Smashed cookies, splashes of milk here and there, pine needles, specks of dirt, footprints.... It happens, with kiddies in the car you can expect it, right?? With going in-and-out of the car at least twice a day, most days....the inside of the car tends to get a bit dirty.

No biggie, though. I just pull the car up close to the garage, pull out the shop vac and get to work. Sucking up ity bitty crumbs all the way to whole cookies...or the remains of...LOL LOL I try to vacuum out the car each week. This way the crumbs and dirt do not get so pressed into the mats and car seats, eliminating stains. Plus doing it this way only take me about 15 minutes or so each time I do it. If I were to wait and do it say would take me a lot longer I am sure....thanks to the loads and loads of more dirt and crumbs I would find!!

Not only is vacuuming in my driveway much cheaper than at the car wash, it is also alot more convenient. We are not rushed out of the car ever so quickly so the car wash attendants can do their job, or if we decide to go to the do-it-yourself vacuums I have to hurry and vacuum the whole car under 4 minutes or else I have to deposit another 75 cents in the coin slot. And I can never, ever make it under the 4 minutes.....I have tried numerous times.

So on a Black Friday a few years back, we purchased a Shop Vac on special for under $50....and we use it for not only vacuuming the car out, but lots of other vacuuming jobs we have encountered over the years!! It was one of the best things we have ever purchased!!

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