Thursday, December 4

Shopping at Discount Stores....

Thrifty Jinxy

With more and more people looking for deals this holiday season....Discount Stores are the place to check out!! How do discount stores keep their prices so low? A few reasons is that most discount stores such at Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx have centralized checkouts, minimal displays throughout the store, and basic store set-ups. After all, most shoppers are there for the deals, not looking at pretty mannequin displays...LOL LOL

Here are a few great perks of Discount Store Shopping:

Great Prices-Why should you pay $55 for a department store sweater when you pay just $25 at a discount store for the exact same sweater? Discount stores get many opportunities to purchase department store overbuys, and even sometimes get last years inventory from large department stores at a huge discount. This allows them to sell them at a lower price to you the consumer!!

Changing Inventory- One of the great perks about shopping at discount stores is that you never know exactly what you may find!! In fact, most discount stores get many new items each and every week!! (Yes, so that means you should check them out frequently!) All three of the above listed stores have a wide range of products from home accessories all the way to clothing items (in-season, of course), and everything in between. I was actually doing a bit of Christmas shopping just the other day at our local Ross, and came across some Wii accessories at more than half the price I was going to pay elsewhere. It's kind of like a shopping treasure hunt!! LOL LOL

Name Brands- Discount stores carry a wide variety of name brand items....Nike, Timberland, Polo, Calvin Klein, Guess just to name a few. They carry most department store name brands and many, many more. You just have to hunt through the racks to find the brands you like best!!

Great Return Policy- The majority of discount stores allow up to 30 days for you to make a return, with the exception of the holiday season which then they usually allow until January of the new year for returns as long as you bought it in November or December. 30 Days is a great amount of time to think, decide, and make sure you really are happy with your purchase. I have made many returns at several discount stores without ever running into a problem....just be sure to keep your receipts!!

Discount shopping is a lot of fun! I must say though you must enter a discount store with an open mind, and not go in looking for one particular item. You just may be disappointed!! But, if you go in looking only for great buys, I promise you will have great luck!! Remember, though even if you find an item marked down to $10 from $100, it's only a good deal if you really needed that item. Putting out $10 for an item that will lay in your closet for 5 years was not a good deal at all!!

Any other great Discount Store Tips or Stories ? What's your favorite Discount Store?

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