Wednesday, December 3

Stocking Holders.....

The season for decorating has arrived, so this past weekend we got all the indoor and outdoor decorating complete. As we were decorating our mantle, Little Man handed me the stocking holders. I gently took one from his hand, and then paused for a minute. What if curious Little Miss grabs one of the dangling stockings and the heavy stocking holder falls on her head. Not a good thought at all...but a very reasonable one for a curious toddler.

So I said to Little Man we will hold off on putting the stockings up for now...let Mommy think for a minute. I remember when Little Man was a baby we just skipped the stockings for a year. But, with Little Man older now and patiently waiting for Santa to fill his stoking up this year with goodies....that option is impossible!!

So off to Walmart we went later that evening....and we picked up a pack of Command Strips. These are great because they stick to a surface very well, yet they do not remove the paint, or finish from the surface the stick to at all unlike traditional tape!! (Be sure to get the removable ones for this great feature) They were just under $2.00 for the 12 pack...which will last us 3 years..LOL LOL

Here is how we just simply peeled the strip and stuck it on the mantle.

And here are 2 of our stockings hanging safely from the mantle.

Walla!! All done....very simple, easy, and the best part safe....This way if Little Miss gets biggie at all!! (Although now that it is totally o.k. for her to be curious of the stockings hanging....she will not touch them the whole month they are displayed!!) LOL LOL

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