Monday, December 1

Wendy's Tag.....

We stopped by Wendy's over the long holiday weekend to grab some lunch. Shopping can really make you hungry, let me tell you..LOL LOL The kiddies were in the mood for a Frosty after their lunch......the cashier stated that if you purchase a Junior Frosty for $1.00, you will also receive a free Frosty key tag that is good for ..a Free Junior Frosty with any purchase you make at Wendy's thru December 2009. A Junior Frosty itself usually costs just under a dollar, so even if you only use the tag one other time, it more than paid for itself!!

I am not sure if the key tags are sold at every Wendy's or if in is just Wendy's in our area. But you may want to check it out!!

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