Friday, December 12

Walgreen's Run.....

We have a Walgreen's right up the street from our home, yet I never go. Why not? Not really sure...another stop I guess? But this week, I happened to open up their sale ad and found a few things I wanted to stop in for. Here is what I purchased:

-14- packages of Peeps ....39 cents each with Walgreen's coupon from ad.
-5- Disney 24 piece mini puzzles......39 cents each with Walgreen coupon from ad.
-9- Speed Wheels cars...39 cents each with Walgreen's coupon from ad.

There were limits of 6 on each of the coupons, but the associate was very nice and just rang up in 2 separate orders. I spent just under $12 OOP including tax.

Curious as to why I need all these items.....stay tuned for a post on Tuesday!!!

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