Saturday, January 3

35% Off....Today Only!!

Did you already order your 2009 Entertainment Book yet? If you have been holding out waiting for a better deal on it, today may just be your lucky day!! Today only, you can order the 2009 Entertainment Book for 35% off the regular selling price. The book for my specific area is now only $22.75. Some are priced as low as $16.25. Price depends on the book you need for your area.

I have already been using coupons in my 2009 Entertainment book for a few months already!! There are lots of great coupons for children's play places, Grocery Stores, Apparel & Shoes stores, entertainment coupons ,local eateries...and many, many more. You can even preview the coupons in the book for your area before purchasing.

Click here to take a peek. The coupons in the book are all valid until 12/ you have plenty of time to get your money's worth!!

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