Wednesday, January 28

Great For the Stove.....

Do not ask me what I was thinking when I was so excited to get a black stove in my kitchen a little while back. I had previously had a white stove and it was very hard to keep clean....especially being gas and all!! So I thought black was the way to go!!

We use our stove daily for meals so it can really get a bit dirty in no time at all!! I hate to use a green pad on the stove, in fear that it may scratch the stove top.....(As per the owners manual...and I am too chicken to try one on it!!) So I needed to find another alternative way to keep my stove top clean.

So now I buy a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser....cut it into about 5 even pieces and use that to clean off any goop left on my stove after meals. It works great!!! And not a scratch at all is ever left on my stove!! The magic eraser is so soft. Plus, there is no need for chemicals either!!

Here is a before picture of my stove top burner:

And here is the after shot: Shiny and Clean!!

Here is the piece of Magic Eraser that I used to clean the stove off with.......Yuck!!

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Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

I love magic erasers! I've got a new stove with the "flat" eyes (sorry I don't know the technical term). I wonder if it would work on them?