Thursday, January 8

It's Back....

I made a quick run to Dunkin Donuts this morning........and guess what the Dunkacchino is back!! Who would of known??

What is a Dunkacchino you ask? It is a unique blend of coffee and hot chocolate flavors mixed together to make the most delicious drink ever!! (In my opinion, anyway!!) They discontinued making them for a while...but they are selling them once again!! I am a huge coffee and hot chocolate lover.....and this drink is a great blend of the two!! Yummy!!

At my local Dunkin Donuts, they are offering a small Dunkachino for just 99 Cents for a limited time. That is actually why I stopped this morning the HUGE orange 99 Cent sign in the window drew my curiosity to pull in the parking lot!! LOL LOL

So if you have a DD's nearby be on the lookout for the 99 Cent Dunkaccino!! I am not sure if it is just in my area or not? It's well worth every cent!!

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

The deal is on down this way too (southern NJ)