Wednesday, January 14

Eating Before We Attend......

It's part of all parties you attend....eating delicious food!! Here is how most parties usually unfold (with kiddies in-tow).....You arrive at the party, the kiddies start playing with their friends, start having a great time.....then the food is ready to be served...This is where the real fun begins, for the parents, at least.

You ask your little ones what they would like to eat....and they reply "I'm not that hungry". So you yourself eat, give them a few more minutes of playtime...then ask them again if they are ready to eat. And again they reply "No Thanks". So then your try getting creative....and remind them about the birthday cake, or sweets that will soon be served, and that they need to eat some lunch/dinner to be able to enjoy some treats along with their friends. After a little while, you the parent get a bit frazzled about your little one not eating lunch/dinner. You stress yourself a bit and then find yourself not having such a good time at the party.

Well if this sounds like how it usually plays out for you at parties and gatherings in regards to the kiddies eating, here's what we do before we head out the door. About a 1/2 hour before we get on our way to the gathering we feed the kiddies at home before we go. As Mom and Dad, we know just what they (our kiddies) like to eat, they are not distracted from eating in their own home, and their bellies get filled up as to not have to tackle the whole "You Must Eat" episode while attending the party. They are more than welcome to grab anything they would to eat at the party...but just in case they are so busy playing and having a great time it is not necessary for them or us to have to worry about them eating. They can have the time of their life all while Mom and Dad enjoy themselves with no worries!!

And guess what at most parties we attend these days...the kiddies are eating (sometimes, alot) while there. Ironic, right?? It's like they know they do not have to eat so they gobble up what they like!! LOL LOL

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