Thursday, January 8

Mail Order Prescriptions......

Thrifty Jinxy

I am sure it has happened to you more than once. You head out to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription only to have to stand in line, wait until they sort thought endless filled prescription bags, only to tell you yours is not ready yet. Bummer!! Well.....I was a bit tired of this I decided to give mail order prescriptions a try. Why not, right??

At my next doctors appointment I asked my doctor for a years supply of prescriptions....but in 3 month supplies verses 1 month supplies. Most, if not all mail order prescriptions are done by a 3-month supply. My doctor was nice enough to even fax it over to Medco for me. You also have the option of sending the prescription out yourself by mail as well.

The Savings is great!! By ordering prescriptions by mail. I pay just $6.67 for a months supply of medication verses the old $15 a month co-pay at my local Pharmacy. The shipping of the medications to your home is free of charge too!! So you pay for only the medication costs!!

Once you mail in your prescription they automatically send your next 3-month supply about 3 weeks before you need to start using it and simply bill your credit card or other form of payment you choose to use. It's that easy!!

I have been using a mail order prescription service for over a year now....and I could not be happier with it!! It's easy, cheaper, and always on time!! It just makes one less thing I have to worry about!!

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Subvertia said...

Wow! It's nice to hear an opinion on mail-order meds. I take 7-9 pills a day (depending on the weather!) and spend way too much time and money going to pick them up myself.
My husband says we even get a discount for using mail order, I think I'll definitely try it now.