Wednesday, January 7

Date Night....

It was a few years back, hubby and I just had our first born, Little Man and my in-laws came over to the house one evening to visit and mentioned that if we would like to go out "Just the two of us" for dinner one night they would happily take care of Little Man for us. How could we even consider their offer? Was that being selfish of us to go out and let him be babysat at such a young age of just a few weeks old?

Trust me, it took months for us (we'll me, really!) to actually go out to dinner "Just the two of us". We (I, really) took baby steps to get there.....I remember once we ran up the street to the store while Little Man was looked after, then on a whim once we ran up the street to get ice cream one night....then finally after a few months we really took the plunge, or so how I thought of it!! LOL LOL We went out on our 1st official "Date Night" as we called it!!

After just the very 1st real "Date Night" I realized that hubby and I needed these nights together!! We needed time for just the two of us. We now try to have date night about every 2 months or so. We really look forward to these nights now....and we know the kiddies even enjoy these night now too....they love to spend time with relatives and have a good time too.

Sometime we go out to dinner, sometimes we rent a movie, we've played a round of miniature golf in the past, a few times we have even ran to a store to do a little shopping for, let me just tell you weird it felt the first time we did this one!!

Date night does not have to be expensive either...Just spend a little time together just the two of you doing something the two of you both enjoy. Perhaps you could pack a picnic lunch and head to a local park, maybe take a walk together, or even just go out for a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop.

No one to watch your Little Ones...then have a late night date a movie together, play a game together...hubby and I have had plenty of Old school Nintendo game wars in the past!! Fun Times!!

Don't get me wrong we love our kiddies more than anything....but it is good for hubby and I to spend a little one on one time together too on occasion!!

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Wani said...

Its so important to take the time to focus on being "man and wife" and not just dad and mom. Keep up the good date night routine - its good for you and your kiddos!

Jane Anne said...

Great Advice! I love that you suggest late night date nights at home for those that don't have a babysitter or don't have the funds for babysitting and a night out.

April said...

Oh, I don't know WHAT I'd do without OUR TIME. My hubby and I don't have a babysitter, except when our faraway family comes to visit. It's so important to keep the romance alive! We have 3 kids, and their bedtime is 7:30, sharp... that gives my hubby and me our time together. Sometimes we're too tired for anything but sleep, but usually we stay up pretty late. I NEED my cuddle time. A lot of times we just talk, sometimes watch a movie or listen to music, etc... just being together is the main thing. I LOVE it! Actually, I LOVE my hubby :)