Thursday, January 22

Target Clearance Deals!!

Well, today while Little Man was at school I finally had a chance to run to Target to see if I could find any great Clearance deals...especially the 75% off deals!! I hit just one Target....ran out of time....bummer. Here is what I picked up:

-A Pair of leggings for Little Miss....$1.98 (50% Off)

-2 Pairs of Osh Gosh Toddler Jeans for Little Miss....$3.24 each (75% Off)

-2 Pair of Boys Toddler Pajamas.....$2.24 each (75% Off)

-Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.....$.84 (15% Off)

-Pair of Dress Shoes for Little Miss...$3.24 (75% Off)

-Pair of Sneakers for Little Man....$4.98 (75% Off)

I paid just $24.06 for everything!!

My local Target had TONS and TONS of racks of 75% of Clearance items in every department!! If you have yet to go you should stop in to see what you can find!! With prices these low it's a great time to stock up on upcoming birthday presents, Mother's Day, Father's Day gifts, etc!! I wouls probly go in the next day or so too, because you know how Target clenas out in no time!! Just remember's only a great deal if you really need it!!

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