Wednesday, January 14

Hoping 4 Snow.......

Little Man and Little Miss still waiting for the 1st snow of the season to come.........patiently in the kitchen that is..... LOL LOL

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suzannah said...

so sweet! we've had snow enough to keep me from driving but not enough for sledding either. i hope it snows for real or thaws out for spring!

hoping you little ones get a nice snow day:)

coupongeek said...

If I could mail you some of ours, I would. We may have 8 inches before the day's over! And can you believe I forgot to get Nathan snowpants! :)

Cute picture! Thanks for sharing!

Prasti said...

please take ours! though there is something magical and fun about that first snowfall.

happy WW!

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

That is some excellent wishful thinking!

My WW is about wishes too! Stop by if you can -