Tuesday, January 6

Coupons, Coupons.....AHH!!

It's been a few weeks since there have been coupon inserts in the Sunday Paper due to the holidays. It was kind of, well sortof a bit nice having a bit of a coupon clipping/filing break. Don't get me wrong though.....I would surely miss them if they were absent from another Sunday paper for a third week in a row!! My grocery budget would be...well way off!! Yikes!!

So this past Saturday when my weekend paper was delivered and I opened it up to find 5 jam packed insert full of coupons...I was so excited!! So I grabbed the coupon packets, scissors, my weekly store fliers, and coupon holder and got to work. Not only did I have to clip, sort and file....I also had to throw out all the expireds. Let me just tell you there were TONS that expired on 12/31/08!!!!

Here is a look at the table in the midst of all the coupon fun....LOL LOL

And here it is all nice and clean after I was finished, filing, sorting, recycling, writing...etc. This is more like a dining table, right??

Here's hoping that "5 inserts" do not show up again this week......Boy am I tired!! LOL LOL

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Jeanette "Frogster" said...

great job! Those coupons can really stack up!