Monday, January 12

Shoe Clearance!!!

We made a quick run to Target to make a return yesterday and since I was already there decided to browse around a bit. January is an awesome month for Clearance deals at Target throughout the they are making room for spring and summer items that are soon to be arriving!!

Well out of the corner of my eye I saw some 75% off Clearance stickers in the shoe department from a far so I decided to take a peek. Look what I got........

A pair of brown shoes for Little Miss for next winter for just $3.74 (75% off) and a pair of slip-ons for me for just $4.88 (75% off)!!! I am more than pleased!!

There was a good amount of Clearance in every department....but most at just 30% off. You know me I'm more of a 75% off kinda girl!! I'll keep checking back though!!

If you go and snag a great deal let me know!!


Meghan said...

I can never judge how big Cheeks feet will be so I never get the deal.
Of course, I have elephant feet at a size 10 so I usually miss out as well.

Good job at the spaving, girly!

SkyLaur said...

Hahah - Don't feel bad, The Thrifty Mommy has size 12 feet...11 on a good day! :-P

Miss Mommy said...

Ha Ha SkyLaur!! ;-0