Friday, January 9

Weekly CVS Trip....

Made a quick run to CVS yesterday to use up a few about to be expired Extra is what I came home with......

-1- Twin Pack of Thomas' English Muffins......$1.99 (Two muffins are MIA in the pic...the kiddies were hungry..LOL LOL)

-1- Pack of Fig Newtons(8 oz.).....On Sale this week for $1.00

-1- J&J lotion (15 oz)....On Sale for $2.99 **Used a $1.50/1 coupon from a CVS home mailer they sent me last week. Plus on the package was a smaller 4 oz. bonus lotion attached!! when that happens!!

-1- Garnier Fructius Gel....On Sale for $2.99 **Used a $1.00 off coupon from this past Sunday's SmartSource insert to pay just $1.99 for it. Plus it prints $2.00 in Extra Bucks this this was a Freebie!!

I also used $4.00 in ExtraBucks on this transaction. So I paid just $2.49 OOP after taxes...and I earned $3.00 back in ExtraBucks!! ($2.00 for the Garnier & $1.00 for my fall spending)


Mommy Managing said...

You should've also gotten an ECB for the J&J lotion. I can't see how much in the pic, but that's what the red & yellow tag on the front says, right?

Miss Mommy said...

Mommy are on point my girl!! The tag on the J&J lotion says $3.99 minus $1.00 Extra Bucks means you pay just $2.99 for it. This week CVS had the lotion on sale for $2.99 already. I suppose the tag was from a few weeks back.

Thanks for the heads up though!! Appreciate it!!

Miss Mommy ;-)

Jodi said...

I got my store to print out the ECB for me, since it says so on the package! I think it's part of the value pack ECB deals right now.