Saturday, January 12

And We Ae At It AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Well my son has his first day at Kids Club today....I was a little nervous on how he would be when I was about to drop him off and leave him for 2.5 hours....(well really only 2 hours 10 minutes by the time I actually had enough guts to leave...) I guess it was all in my head....I was son however was just fine...He had a BLAST!!! When I went back to pick him up he was holding a little girls had running around having a great time!!! Later, on in the car he told me and his daddy..."The little girl was holding my hand the whole time....not sure why..." Hubby and I just laughed...... He was already asking about if he goes again tomorrow.......It's so excited he's growing up...but so sad that he is our little man...and not our baby anymore...Bittersweet...I guess.

Well while he was at Kids Club...hubby, and I (along with the baby, of course) headed out to do a bit more deal finding today....we headed to Kohl's....some DEALS!!! For women's dept., and Boys Dept. I only shopped for 80% off tickets and did well!! They also has some FINAL Clearance racks....shirts, tanks, and tops for $1.20-2.40 each!!! Great for around the house or to run to the store in!!! Got my son 2 pairs of PJ's at 80% off, and a few Polo-style shirts and Tony Hawk T-shirts for 80% off as well!! The baby department was all 60% off....NOT nearly cheap enough for me...LOL...LOL...I'm a Cheapskate!!! Hubby found nothing in men's either...all 60% off he said.

We also made another run to Old Navy...Yes, a different store than yesterday!!! We bought a bag and a half full of stuff for my daughter and son. Hubby got one shirt, and I got one tank....not nearly as much stuff as the store last night had...but a nice addition to what we already bought last night.

Well tomorrow we are staying home...a HOME Day as my son calls it!!! We are all shopped OUT...LOL...LOL!!! Not to mention the overflowing closet we all have now!!!


Meghan said...

What Old Navy did you go to?
I was at the one in Cherry Hill Mall on Saturday & they had nothing worth it in my son's estimated size for the summer (3T). I ended up getting him a pair of denim shorts & a Xmas tee for next year for $5 total but I was hoping to get more.

Miss Mommy said...

We went to The Old Navy in Mt. Laurel (Eastgate...behind the Moorestoen Mall) and the one in Marlton on Rt. 73(next to Genardi's). We really racked up at the one in Marlton, and did Okay at the one in Eastgate...I have only been to the Old Navy in Cherry Hill Mall seems they get a lot of traffic and move alot of they Barely have any Clearance. Good luck if you go!!