Friday, January 11


Well, it's Friday!! YEAH!!!! Fridays are great...aren't they??!! Just hanging out inside it is pretty nasty out...raining, windy..etc. So what does that mean....I found a few deals worth mentioning today.....Of course, for this deal I will actually have to get dressed, and head to the brick and mortar....nothing left online in the sizes I need.....Man!!! I am getting a little spoiled with this thing called online shopping, wouldn't you say?? LOL LOL Anyway, Old Navy is having their 75% off Sale....starts today...better hurry, though...Quantities are limited as are sizes and colors.....I am headed their later on this afternoon...I will be sure to post if I find any amazing deals....Online they are just about SOLD OUT of almost EVERYTHING!!! But the prices do look great!!! I will be sure to keep you posted on how I make out!!

Today is The
Friday Sale at Amazon has a few good deals today too!! If you have time check them out.....The Kitchen Aid Mixer for $189.99 looks good to me??!! But I won't dare!!! LOL!!

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