Thursday, January 3

Walk in to the New Year Right......

Well not sure about you...but I have been buying, buying, and buying for everyone else lately with the holidays and all that I neglected myself in shopping for me.....LOL LOL Sounds pretty good right??!! Just trying to make it seem okay to buy for myself!! I think it is working just fine! Well, right now Shoe buy is having some great Clearance Deals and you can save 20% more when you use code ENDYEAR07 at checkout. Coupon expires on the 7Th of Hurry!! Shoe Buy is fact I ordered a few presents from them and it worked out great!! They have lightening FAST shipping and a Super Easy return system, and best of all Shipping is FREE!!

While you are shopping for yourself...why not check out NY and Company...they are having a GREAT 70% off End-of-Season sale......To save even more enter promotion code 7450 at checkout.(Save $25 off of $50) They have this KHAKI LUREX STRIPE Shirt for only $14.99 (regularly $34.95). Time to stock up!!!

Well, I think that is enough spoiling yourself for one day...or at least hubby might think so...SO more deals tomorrow!!

Good Night!!

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