Thursday, January 24

Where Oh Where Have my Forks Gone???

Did you see my forks anywhere?? Just curious.....because we are now down to 2 forks in our silverware set....not too worry.....we still have all 12 knives and all 12 spoons! Whatever happened to the forks is a mystery to me??? A rather annoying mystery at that!! I love my silverware set...and am bummed about the missing I am on a quest to replace the missing ones. This should be interesting!! I am assuming they somehow ended up in the trash can......perhaps. And of course, it was not me who tossed them in there ..... I am sure you already new!! I checked out Christmas Tree Shops and did see a few nice sets...but if I replace it I will feel so bad tossing the old set....I know, I know....Freecycle did this to me!!! I feel guilty if I throw out something someone may be able to use.... I'll keep you posted on my silverware dilemma...since I know you will lose sleep over

I have always thought it would be so cool to get out of the shower on a cold winter morning and wrap yourself up in a nice warm bath towel......well this may be my chance to try it LNT they have this Warmrails Wonderbar for ONLY $19.99 (OVER 1/2 OFF!!) Plus it ships for Free!!

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