Tuesday, January 22

The Amazing Ball Popper Amazing!!!

Today I will enlighten you with an amazingly true fact....for those of you with little ones....you will really appreciate it!! The rest of you will think I am nuts...This may be TRUE!!! lol....lol Did you ever try to shower with a little one...say from about 7-8 months and up?? Well it is nearly impossible.....all my daughter likes to do is trying to get into the shower with me.....Or throw her toys in the shower as I am in there......Or bother her brother who is nicely playing trains in his room.....So How do I take a shower??? I take out the Playskool Busy Ball Popper!!! That's right...the toy is truly amazing!!! Actually, I owe being clean everyday to Playskool.......Thanks I really appreciate it!! One of my Hubby's co-workers bought it for our daughter and she LOVES IT!! It makes music and the balls go around in the tubes and shoot out the top!! Really keeps the babies attention!! My son even plays with it sometimes with her too! If you have little ones...it is a great investment...(maybe temporary, BUT Necessary!!)

You can get it for under $20 with FREE shipping at
Amazon right now!!

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