Tuesday, January 29

Some Savings Tips!!!

Well....somehow we are low on food again around here....that is on milk, bread, cheese, butter, bottled water, etc......so tomorrow is grocery day, I suppose. Man, I dread it...as do the kiddies too!!! Probably more than me...lol..lol Well, I thought I would give you a few pointers on ways I try to save when I go.....Feel free to take it as you will.......

* I always look at the sale add prior to going, write down what I need to purchase and then match coupons up to the items I will buy.

* If you are really in desperate need of an item....look at the store-brand....you can save more buying this way on items that are a must need!!

* Look for SALES!!! If something is on sale you normally buy...stock up.....meaning if Hellman's mayo is on sale and you use a lot of it....buy 3 jars to hold you over until the next sale. But I will warn you.....although it may be tempting...PLEASE DO NOT stock up on three heads of broccoli for the next month if it goes on sale....or your house will stink...lol..lol

* Know your prices...if you need to write them down in a little book.....meaning I know that milk is cheapest at Sam's Club, Pillsbury Pancakes at Target, Frosted Flakes at Walmart...etc. Trust me after a few weeks...you will no what is a good price is!!!

* Know when certain items go on sale and purchase accordingly...such as January is Can-Can Sales, Cleaning Sales, Summer- Ground meat, summer fruits/veggies, canned soda...etc. This way when Lysol wipes go on sale in January buy a few containers to hold you over!! And do not make too many fruit salads in the winter, when fruits are very expensive!!

* Plan your meals according to what is on sale that week.....it is also great for not having to eat the same meals over and over again!!

* Check you receipt!!! I cannot even begin to tell you just how many times I have walked out of the store with the wrong size can, or variety that was next to OR in the place of the item that should of been on sale!!!

* Get a rain check!! Most are valid for up to 60 days!!

And best of all have a great time....especially looking at your receipt on the way out and seeing how much you SAVED!!

Great Job!! I am very proud of you!!

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