Saturday, January 19

A Proud Party Mama....

Today was my nieces 3rd Birthday Bash....It's kind of a funny story....she has been telling my sister that she would not like to have a birthday party...she wants to be 2 only!! Not three!! I myself did not believe my sister until I heard the words come out of my nieces mouth....she too funny!! Well, my sister did end up having a party for her tonight....(don't worry we had to bribe her with me bringing my older niece along to the party....she loves her!) And it worked...turned out real nice....And best of all my little niece had a party and really did enjoy herself!!

My son had his 2ND Kids Club class earlier today....and guess what he walked right in sat down besides his little friends and said "Bye Mom you can go with Daddy and sister now". I am so proud of him....the big boy he has become......who am I kidding I am actually proud of me too...for not crying when he said that to me...he is growing up too fast!!!

Look tomorrow for some great deals for next week!!

Good Night!

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