Saturday, January 26

Hubby and I Alone....WHAT???

Ah....Just sitting here relaxing.....Hubby and I got a call this morning from my sis-in-law and she said she was coming over to babysit the kiddies so hubby and I can go out for some dinner...ALONE!!! Wow!! Great surprise...not at all that I mind the kiddies....but it is great to just go out with hubby....well, like twice a year that There were actually six of was a good time......I am so stuffed though....kinda weird to actually order dessert at a know how it is...always eat and run before the kiddies get tired of sitting

Kiddies are still not feeling back to 100%.....hoping the bug that they have goes away son actually said to me today he may be sick forever....I had to laugh at has been about 5 days.....YUCK!! Forever to him, anyway!!

Well better go and get some Z's....kiddies are out for the night and since we woke up at 7 am today...I am sure we will be up again that early tomorrow too!!

Good Night!!!

P.S.- CVS is at it again this week...look tomorrow for more deals to be had!!!

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