Friday, January 18

Kohl's Rocks!!

Well I ventured out with the kiddies to run a few errands (they are fast asleep now....too many I guess!)....stopped into Kohl's to see what they had on Clearance...and let me just tell you they are awesome!! I only shopped in the women's Dept. as that was all the time the kiddies gave know before they were hungry, tired, and board...LOL They had about 10 or so racks of Clearance marked down 60%-80%, and two racks of Final Clearance. They had a wide range of sizes, colors, and variety. They had some solid V-neck T's for just $1.20!!! Perfect for the summer or under another shirt!! I racked up for a good amount of stuff!! Usually, I head for the kiddies departments first then to men's for hubby, then women's.....Glad I entered threw the women's department today...or else I would of missed out!! Don't forget to use your coupon for an additional 15-30% off too!! Makes the deals even sweeter!! Or just use your Kohl's charge to save 15% off if you misplaced your coupon!!

Good luck if you go!!

Let me know how you do...C'mon brag a bit...will ya!!

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