Wednesday, January 9

As She Grows.......

Well...I am now beginning to car seat shop for my she is approaching the 11Th month mark and will soon be ready to move out of her infant carrier......Kind of sad.....I just cannot believe it has almost been a year since we came home from the hospital with her....It's also exciting to see how she has grown so fast, and to see her reach new milestones almost everyday it seems like. I have been looking at reviews, prices, and information it seems like there are pros and cons to almost every seat out there...LOL...LOL!!! I did come across one seat that had some good reviews and is 50% off with free shipping.....The Cosco Summit High Back Booster Car Seat for $63.00 Shipped....

I know that January is the month for Baby the new models are coming out for 2008 now....I am so nervous though to buy a seat in the store without having a chance to read the reviews about the seat online.....I know, I know.....I did it for my sons seat a few years back with no hesitation at all....Now, I am nervous to just buy without reading and reviewing first.....Wierdo...I know!!! They had an Eddie Bauer on Clearance in Target last week for 30% off...seemed nice, not too bulky, nice color, padding, style, etc. but...I just felt I had to research first! And guess what.......I got home to research and that seat did pretty well.......of course, if I would of purchased out of five stars it would of received...LOL!!!

Well, enough babbling....sorry.....maybe a few deals can cheer you up......

The Childrens Place is having a
HUGE 30% off Sale....They have this yoga top for $4.99......And as always Shipping is $5!!

JC PENNY is having their anuual
Winter Sale....They have prices slashed 30-60% off!!!


Meghan said...

I wish my son had made it to 11 mos in an infant carrier. He was out at 4 months...then again he was 11 pounds at birth & 22 3/4' l, so by 4 mos, you could see he ws a tad uncomfy.

Anywho I wanted to let you know I have the Evenflow Triumph & it rates extremely high on the safety list.
It's nice, cushiony & goes up to 40lbs.

Good luck with your carseat shopping.

Miss Mommy said...

Thanks so much Meghan for the info....My siter actually had the Triumph for my niece and she LOVED it!!! I bought one for hubby's car last night...and after just a little more research we soon buy another for my car.

Thanks for all your help!!
Appreciate it!!