Sunday, January 13

Oh No She's Cleaning!!!! will not believe what I got myself into out the attic.....AH!!! I cannot believe I attempted to clean it out.....BUT better now than in 5 years when it is even full of more stuff...LOL Well...the freecyclers do not seem to mind one bit......Ha! Ha! I guess I have a case of Spring Fever in January...these warm temperatures have me all screwed up!!! Not, that I am complaining about the 50 degrees days one bit! I LOVE them....keep 'em coming!
Well if you are in need of some diapers...this is a GREAT week to stock up on them....CVS has their brand diapers on sale 2/12.99....They also have a BUNCH of
Extra Bucks deals this sure to check them out!! If you are more of a brand name lover...Target has both Huggies and Pampers on sale for $8 a pack.

This week Shop Rite's can can sale continues....a few good buys are the EverReady Gold Batteries for $1.99 a pack, Pepsi 12-packs are 5 for $11 (must buy 5), Ragu Sauce is just 99 cents (coupon in Sundays paper) and Weight Watchers meals are all 1/2 price!!

Well have to get some wash I have been slacking on it since I started the attic cleaning.....I am amazed at the stuff I have saved...especially paper wise.....I actually still had some of my grade school reports and awards......As if I was saving for some reason???? Like I would use them again one day???

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