Monday, January 28

Tired Old Monday.....

Happy Monday to you!!! Well, I had a pretty bad night as far as sleep goes last night.....and now my daughter seems to be a little sick......Gheesh!! It was bound to happen...not that I am surprised by it. I was just hoping for her sake that she would be spared. So I have to tell you I am a bit tired! Hopefully i can catchup tonight!! Okay, Okay enough asking you to feel sorry for me...I know, I know, suck it!

Anyway, not much time to find a lot of deals today.....but I did find this Wish for Joy 11-Piece Roaster Set for $13.99 at Sears...Plus there is a $10 rebate too!! Pick-up in store to save on shipping!! This would be great fir someone who cooks the holiday meats...Not me of course, if I did no one would!!

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