Sunday, January 27

Do You Like Wrinkle Free Clothes???

We were in the hunt for a new iron...we currently have a Rowenta and have had it for a few years and absolutely LOVE IT!! But, after MANY great presses it has done for us it iron is starting to go....dropping water out of the iron onto our clothes...not a good thing by any means....PLUS it does not seem to get as hot as it once used too. We paid I think about $60 or so for it.....I know, I know....not so thrifty for an iron.....BUT in my defense I was so tired of buying a new iron every couple months for $25 or so. So we researched and splurged a bit....BUT in the long run definitely made a good we wanted again to purchase a Rowenta, for sure!! Well....we had been on the look out for about a month...missed out on one last week on sale at Target...but to our surprise LNT came threw for us today...and cheaper too!!! They have this Rowenta Effective Iron for $39.99....was $49.99, PLUS you can use a 20% off coupon to save about $8.00 AND you can send in for a $10.00 LNT gift card by mail!!! I picked it up today and will let you know how we like it!! A Rowenta for less than $30...A Grrrreat Deal....I think, anyway!!!

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