Tuesday, January 8

Thinking Nice Warm Happy Thoughts.....

That's right....it was like spring today...it was so refreshing!!! I even noticed at the store today that the cashiers, deli personal, and Baggers were smiling.....That's definitely not everyday that you see that..LOL!!! Except for the cashier in my case....Marie, she's a doll....anymore I look forward to going to the grocery store each week to catch up and see how how things are with her...Alright, alright I may be fabricating just a bit....Marie does make my shopping trip more enjoyable, and my kiddies love to see her, but who am I kidding...unless they start serving Free lunches while you shop...I just seem to dread it EVERY Week!!!!......As do the kiddies, of course too!! Well with it being so nice out today, we got out, took a walk to the park, and just plain old had some fum outside for a bit....It was lovely..really!! So all day I have been thinking about the nicer weather to be coming to our town...hopefully sooner than later!!!

If you would like to think summer, and grilling right now, Omaha Steaks is having their
January Sale....Lots of items just $19.99!!! I have had a few of their items, and have never been disappointed at all!! Sale ends Tomorrow Wednesday...So HURRY!!!

LNT has these nice Beacon Looms Gossamer
Window Curtains on Clearance for $1.99 to $9.99 (Regularly 11.99-49.99)......These would be great to change up on the window during Spring Cleaning.....I bet you cannot wait for that...LOL!!!

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