Thursday, November 15

All About My Pop....

Today was an interesting day to say the son and I went to visit my Nana and Pop today for a little while....My Pop just recently got out of the hospital and we have not had a chance to visit a lot today seemed like the perfect day.....They have been married over 50 years, and they love to see the Pop always asks my son for a handshake..saying ho him "Put it Here"... And amazingly enough every time we visit my son walks up to his great grand pop and gives a shake and a kiss....and my Pop just smiles ear to ear!!! It amazes me what a great guy he patient, kind, loving, the real do anything for you kind of fellow....He's almost like a saint in some respects!! I remember as a little girl he used to drive me and pick me up from dance class and he would always enter threw the exit and vice verse....He would always say every week..."Why all the honking?" I was to young to know how to tell him he was driving the wrong way....every time I pass by that dance school I just laugh and think of those times!! My Pop is a great guy...I love him dearly and hope he can help make many more memories together with my family!!

Few Deals Today:

I was dong a little Christmas shopping today here and found this deal at American Girl....Free shipping on $100.00 or more use Code 155573 exp 11/20. Also they have a new American Girls doll, Julie Albright with a special offer. For $99.00 you can get:Julie™ doll Meet Julie book Julie’s Accessories Doll hairbrush Doll Hair Studio DVD Imagine magazine 2008 American Girl Calendar There are three different offers available The above gift set for $99.00

Target is running Free Shipping on a bunch of items..just be sure to look for the FREE Shipping icon....They have this great Woolrich Green Stripe Duvet Set on Clearance for $31.99 - $49.99 (half price!) depending on what size you may need. They also have these great Cherokee Polo's for Men for only $6.49 - $7.49. This is half price!! Also use Target Coupon: BABYSALE to save 10% too!
Good Night!!

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