Wednesday, November 7

Early Christmas Shopping

Since the kids are asleep I thought I would write. I must admit though I am obsessed with doing my christmas shopping online. I mean I love to go to toysrus and then amazon and compare prices, and suprisingly amazon is cheaper about 75% of the time. And the best thing is every toy I am interested in buying at is included in their super saver shipping which means it ships free. Thats why I love shopping online, you get good deals and the kids don't have to be dragged to all these stores. Plus the best part is I don't risk Haley seeing a glimpse of her christmas presents. I mean today at Target I was trying my best for her not to see the two huge Play Doh super craft caddies I got. One was for her and the other for my nephew. But somehow I distracted her and slipped them under the cart and she never noticed, but that was just luck. I mean now that she is almost 3 she catches on, and I don't want to spoil christmas for her. you know? We'll I am going to do some shopping have a great night!!


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