Wednesday, November 28

It's been so long.........

It has been so long since I have last written that now I don't even know where to start. We'll Black Friday was a huge success me and my sister racked up the deals. My sons first birthday party was on Saturday, and that too went great. He got a lot of great toys which he was in need of because all he had to play with were his older sister's stuff. He was in major need of boy related toys. Plus it is great having two kids so close in age, because Haley felt as though she got new toys as well. We'll today I just decorated for Christmas, although I don't have my Christmas tree up yet. I am hoping this year to get a real one so hopefully on Saturday me and my hubby will go and pick one out. I think Haley will really like picking out a tree. Plus I figure since this is my last Christmas home before moving to Florida, I better get a real tree while I can. I might be stuck with a palm tree next year. JK We'll going to put my daughter to sleep, she just came in and asked me to lay with her, so I know she is tired. Goodnight

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