Friday, November 30

Well I picked up the Kiddies Christmas Pictures today and they are so Cute!!!! You should of seen the waiting room at the Picture glad I went when I did!!! Also has to make a Walmart my son was all out of his morning cereal...Oh No! Can't have that...picked up a few things as well on the Christmas List too......trying to get finished!! I also bought a box of Eyebrow Wax strips...and guess what when I got home, I opened up the box...for some reason before putting it in the bathroom closet and to my surprise there were NO wax strips in the box!!! Someones had already taken them out...they were nice enough to leave the finishing oil though...I cannot believe it....this has never happened to me before...I called Walmart and they said to bring it back and they will replace it......For someone to steal $5.00 worth of wax strips....are you serious......I am still in shock about the whole thing!!!!

Also had a chance to go to Toys R Us with sis tonight...they are having a GREAT 2-day 5-closing and tomorrow until noon...they have Tad by Leapfrog for only $13.49(half price!) .....and Fisher Price ride-ons for only $19.99 ($10 off)..the have many more great deals as well!!

Walmart has TMX Cookie Monster for $20 now.....It also has FREE Site to Store shipping too!

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