Sunday, November 11

Laundry Laundry!!

Hello to all, right now I am currently at my Dad's doing laundry. I have not done laundry in 4 days so I will proabably be here till dinner time. Lucky me! See my new washer and dryer got delivered yesterday, but without the stacking kit which allows us to stack the dryer on top of the washer we cannot use the either one. We have had nothing but problems with Home depot which is the store we purchased the washer and dryer from. They told us they would have a stacking kit by Nov. 5. But when I called yesterday the salesman told me that they have been unable to get these stacking kits from Maytag for some reason and he has no idea whern they will be getting one in. He said he is having the same problem with another customer of his. It is just frustrating that we bought this particular washer and dryer becasue it is stackable, and now we can't even stack it. We'll that is enough venting about my Home Depot problem. And hopefully I will be doing wash again at my house by next week. And As we speak my husband is putting down my kitchen floor. So things are moving along. But I probably have another 4 weeks before it is completely done. As long as we are completed by Christmas Eve I will be happy, I just want to have a Christmas open house with my new kitchen. Last night me and my hubby dropped the kids off at my in laws so we could pick out a kitchen floor, and then my husband wanted to stop at walmart to get Haley a toy because he said he promised her one. So we went to walmart and he said he wanted to get her a Dora back pack. We walked around that store 2 times and couldn't find one. So I kept telling him to get this puppy toy that was in a cage with a dog bone, food, water dish, and grooming tools but he said that she wouldn't like that. So we made a bet; we each picked out a toy, he decided to go with a dora back pack chair, (it was the closest thing he could find). I was confident she would like the puppy toy better, and low and behold when we walked into my in-laws house she went crazy when she say the puppy in the cage. The Dora seat she looked at, said thank you and went right back to the puppy. Needless to say my husband owes me a back massage. So since I will be doing all this wash today I think I will redeem my massage tonight. It was fun though to win that bet, I always loose bets with my husband. I will enjoy every moment of that massage. We'll I will talk to you all tommorow have a great day.

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