Thursday, November 29

The Cost to Eat.....

Being as frugal as I am there is one area in which it seems the costs are rising....the Grocery Bill each week!! I remember I use to spend about $50 a week for our family on it is up to about $70 a week!!!! The price of milk alone is outrageous...$3.50 a gallon...WOW!! At 4-5 gallons a week it starts to add up fast!! I still coupon clip alot, but the items are just not as great a deal as they used to be......Eggs, juice, bread, cereal, yogurt....they all just keep rising!! I try my hardest to shop around and when something goes on sale I really stock up....but can't always do that...who wants old bread and sour milk...LOL...LOL Now I try to get somethings at Walmart, few other things at Target , and some at ShopRite and even Wegmans... It is a little more running around, but I do not go to every store each week....I wait until I compile a decent list for that store and then I make a run there...OR if there is a great sale and coupons for an item I run there as well....a little faster of course!!! Man, I sure miss all the FREE Wegmans coupons they were passing out a few months back.....they were great!!! Now I only ever get ShopRite coupons for $10 off a $100 or more purchase....I get excited now when I do not have to use that coupon...LOL...LOL
Well I just had to rant a bit...Feeling a bit better now!!! Feel free to offer any tips you may have....I can always use them!!

Good Night!!

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