Sunday, November 11

A Shopping Day...

Well today was a shopping day......trying to finish up the Christmas shopping before the stores get WAY too crowded!! My plan did not exactly work....Christmas Tree Shops was PACKED to the Gills!!! I did find some great deals...but only really got threw half of the store, since EVERY isle was so jam packed! I guess I was not the only one with the Early Christmas shopping idea....LOL If you have never been there it is a great place to go...they always have new stuff, at great prices.....but if you see something you like...better buy it, OR next time you go it will be gone...I speak from experience!! We also made some retuns today......they are the absolute WORST!!! We are still trying to hang up our new TV....hubby cannot find the right wall mount bracket.....AHH!! We have bought and returned way too MANY!!! The TV thing is going about as good as Tash's laundry Fiasko...we just can't catch a break!! Hubby FINALLY ordered one online hopefully soon we can watch it....out of the box and turned on that is!!!

Some great Online Deals to pass on.....

Save $10 off your Gitano purchase of $35 or more at Fashion Bug......valid until November 19, 2007...Just use promo code 776188807 at checkout. They are also offering FREE shipping on orders over $75.

If you have to order some Thanksgiving Flowers soon...... at Telaflora use promo code GIVING to save $5 off any Telaflora bouquet. Offer valid until 11-29-2007.

Best Buy is having a $4.99 DVD sale.... Some titles are Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Bueller Bueller Edition, Pretty In Pink, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Team America: World Police, The Italian Job, The Untouchables,The Warriors, Top Gun,Varsity Blues, Zoolander.

Good Night for Now!!

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