Friday, November 16

A Shopping Day Today....

I went to Macy's they are having a GREAT "Lowest Prices of the Season Sale" today and tomorrow only. They have LOTS of Clearance and Morning Specials until 1pm. I shopped the baby and girls department and did awesome! I purchased my daughter some summer and winter shirts for $2.49 each!!! And the original tags on them said $7.99-$16.00. They are so cute.....all different colors and styles. They had the same deals for baby boys as well, as I picked up a few for my nephew tool. I also found some great deals in the girls department.... I made out and was so excited!!! Getting deals is awesome...especially on stuff you actually need!!!
I also went to Wegmans today as they were also having great deals too.....Wegmans brand cream cheese was just 59 cents.....Purex laundry detergent just 99 cents (free after 1.00 of manufacturer coupon in Sunday paper)...They also had Townhouse cracker for $2.00 (minus the 1.00 manufacturer coupon), and Wegmans Pepperoni for just $1.79 (great for the upcoming holidays appetizers!)
Here is a $5.00 off coupon for Polly Pockets. I used it at TRU this week with no problem (and they had all their Polly Pocket 30% off ) so I got a gift for free.

Here is an Old Navy code: Save $10 when you spend $50 at Old Navy. Ends Nov. 21. Use code TAKE10.

Also Walmart is having a Baby Clearence going on right now....cribs, toy organizers, oufits, etc. SOme items even have FREE site to store shipping too!!

Happy Shopping!!!

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Meghan said...

I am so happy I found your blog.
I think you had emailed me for something on freecycle & it had your link it.
Totally love this blog!
I am headed to Macy's tomorrow to get luggage for our Disney trip. 5 pieces, only $59.00.
Will have to hit up Wegmans too.
Love them anyway but usually head to Shop Rite.
Shop Rite in Cherry Hill by Wegmans is closer but I like the one in Brooklawn, very cheap & the employees are waaaaaaaaaaaaay nicer!