Monday, November 5

Good Day.....Getting back to normal!!!!

We'll today was a good day, I guess I feel like things are back to normal, cause Kevin went back to work today. And the construction in my kitchen is on hold till he gets home on friday. Its nice not listining to the sounds of saws and drills. But I sure do miss having my hubby around. Plus another good thing about this whole redoing the kitchen thing is I don't eat as much. Definately a good thing!! Sorry, I am watching Dancing with the stars while typing. I know the show can be dorky but I just love it. We'll the kids are asleep I agree with you Tanya the whiole Daylight savings time thing is just great!! I am going to search out some toys online, to see where I can get the best price. I want to get most of the kids Chruistmas presents by thanksgiving. I'll let you know waht I find. Goodnight to all and hopefully I will be able to post tommorow. I have to get my sisiter over here to see what the problem is. Ok, sorry for the rambling on and on.


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