Monday, November 12

A Grocery Store Disaster.....

Well today was a little bit messy....It all started when I told my son we were heading out to the grocery store....He despises ShopRite...LOL First off I decided to go to a new store that just opened up around us, instead of the usual store (My 1st mistake)......So the usual 1 hour shopping trip quickly turned into 1.5 hours...lucky me...LOL ( As I do not know where anything is in this store!!) I was trying to find the Mozzarella cheese that was on sale so I could make lasagna for dinner tonight, figures they have NONE!! I was told by an employee it should arrive shortly if I would like to wait....young guy....probably doesn't have any kids yet...has no clue as to why I cannot hang around to wait for the cheese to arrive soon to the store.....Oh, Buddy I wish I had the time to wait.....LOL .....SO much for my dinner they were pretty much changed at that very moment. So now we are off to find my son his Lunchable Jr's...and of course he likes the ham, cracker, and cheese combo and they have everything but..naturally! Back and forth from isle to isle we go and then back to revisit a few isles again....forgot a few things here and there....SO FINALLY...we are rockin and rolling on out to the checkouts!! YEAH!! Not so fast...the bagger we have likes to put only a few items in each now we have TONS of bags with two items in each, not to mention there is No where to put all the bags.....Of course, we had to get an airplane cart and my daughter in her carrier takes up one whole basket so I have only one small basket for the groceries.....The bagger just kept piling them higher and higher.....Wait, then there is a problem with one of my coupons...have to call a manager...after a wait of a few minutes we are we have to return the movie to the redbox in the front of the son is not too happy...he would like to watch "The Robinson's" just one more time.....after a small talk he agrees that it is the next little boys turn to borrow it and we will be sure to add the movie to his Santa Wish list as soon as we get home. So out the door we head....not so we are exiting the store one of the bags falls to the ground the gallon of milk and ice cream topple out, milk everywhere......Yes, all over......whole gallon all over me, the ground, the cart..... Well I guess if I wanted to end the shopping trip right this was the right way to do it!!!! LOL LOL
I think next week i will go back to my regular Shop Rite....much less excitement there!!

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