Monday, November 19

A sick day for my son

My poor son has been sick since last night. This is the first time he has really gotten sick since he was born. He threw up last night, and would got up every two hours last night. And tonight I thought I was in the clear when both kids were sleeping by 9:00 but then my son woke up at 9:15 and threw up all. But I got him all washed up gave him some motrin for his fever, and he went right back to sleep. I hope he doesn't get sick again, and sure hope my daughter doesn't get what he has. We'll hopefully he will be better by his birthday party on Saturday. I'm so excited that black Friday is only a couple days away, I am ready to rack up the deals. I am doing so good with my Christmas shopping this year, I mean I even came up with a great gift idea for my dad's fiance. Although my husband told me he wanted something for Christmas and I had to guess what it was but after about an hour of guessing I gave up. I am stumped. I mean he told me it wasn't anything for his motorcycle, it wasn't clothes, or even car related. My husband is so hard to buy for and I feel like I never get the right gift. So this Christmas I am determined to get him a gift that he actually wants. We'll see how it turns out. We'll I better go and get some shut eye before my son wakes up, but goodnight to all.

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