Friday, November 16

Time flies!

Today I did the usual grocery shopping thing. I had to buy a lot of items for my sons first birthday party which is next Saturday. I can't believe he is going to be one, I mean it has flown by. Watching my kids grow up is the greatest, I mean it teaches you to appreciate every moment because time really does fly by. I mean my daughter isn't even three and she corrects me when I say "where are my babies?", she says "no mommoy your baby and big girl". Me and my husband always told her when she used the potty she would be a big girl and now that she uses the potty she only likes to be called a big girl. Although I always tell her she will always be my baby, now matter how old. She just laughs!! My hubby isn't coming home till tommorow morning, but he will have a long thanksgiving day weekend. Which is good becasue me and my sister are headed out 5 am sharp on black Friday to get the deals. I plan on having both of my kids and my niece and nephew done by Friday night. Well goodnight to all, talk to you soon.

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