Thursday, November 29

More Christmas shopping!!

Just ordered some Christmas presents off of Amazon. I got some great deals plus everything I ordered qualified for free super saving shipping. I just want to get all of this Christmas shopping done. And I have a growing mound of toys in my attic that need to be wrapped. It is so hard to wrap gifts when your kids are around. So I will have to wait to wrap my presents until my daughter is out with her Mom Mom. Today was a good day though, went grocery shopping, and then went over my sisters for some Pizza. Haley just loves going over there and so does my son, I mean really he just loves climbing all of the steps. He doesn't get to do that at home because we live in a rancher, (and I am glad about that). I am heading to bed myself, but I am going to call my hubby real quick, I am so excited he is coming home tomorrow. I often think how weird it is going to be when he will be home all the time after we move to Florida, I am so used to him being away sometimes I forget what it was like to have him home regularly. I know that the kids can't wait. Haley wishes everyday was Friday because that is when her daddy comes home. We'll goodnight talk to you soon.

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