Thursday, November 8

My Hubby's Tatoos

I was getting ready to doze off when I remembered I didn't post today. So here I am. I got off the phone with my hubby not to long ago, we were just talking about the kids and of course the fact that he is getting more tatoo work done on his arm on thursday. Which I am not too excited about. I do not have one tatoo, my husband on the other hand has too many. Or I like to say enough for the both of us. He informed me that one tatoo that covers his whole arm, isn't finished yet and that is what he is getting work on. He mine as well just get it all colored black. I mean how much more ink does he need? JK I just think it is funny how different me and my hubby are about this, but that is what makes our relationship so exciting I guess. I mean if we agreed on everything what fun would it be? It would make life boring. (Even if he one day is covered head to toe with tatoos, I will still love him. Although hopefully that won't happen.) I probably just jinxed myself. We'll Goodnight to all. Hopefully I don't have any nightmares about my husband's tatoos.

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