Tuesday, November 20

Well our new LCD is up on the wall and we LOVE it!!!! Went up this weekend...we were trying to find the just right wall mount...We Finally got it!!! We visited MANY stores, bought many wall mounts to end up ordering one online on Amazon. It is amazing the price difference in the store as apposed to online prices. Not to mention the quality difference to! In store we were paying over $120.00....online well under $100 PLUS Free Shipping too!! In case you are in the market for a new wall mount this is the one we purchased as are VERY happy with it!! It was very easy to put up, and very sturdy as well. Wall Mount

If you are planning on ordering Holiday Photo cards Snapfish has them for 29 cents each.

At Photo Works Get 10% off your order with code PW10OFF. There holiday photo cards are up to 30% off depending on how many you order....

Today I ran to Target on my sisters advice to go and pick up my daughter some black stockings for her Christmas dresses....This is my first year with the baby girl and getting her all dolled up for the holidays...LOL...LOL...Man I had no idea this is how it would be....Trying to find a dress, shoes, then stockings...That all match...HA!! Thank Goodness I am not into the hair bow thing!!! LOL.. My son for holidays is so EASY...Nice pair of khaki pants, nice dress shirt, and his boots..that's it done!! Well now I know what it is all about!!!
While getting my daughters stockings today, I noticed Target also is having some great in-store clearance deals on baby girl and boy clothes (50% and 75% off). I racked up on shirts and pants for my daughter..most were only $2.24..a few $2.74 and $3.24 each...Even got an outfit for Only $3.74 (matching pants and shirt)!! They also had twin packs of Good Start Natural Cultures Formula (Green Can) on clearance for $12.xx . And 10-packs of Dove Soap for only $6.80 (use a manufacture coupon to save an additional $1.00) If you have a chance stop in and see what you can find!!
Have a great Day!!

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