Saturday, November 3

So Totally Rested!!!

Well I am happy to say I am just waking up from a long nap with my kiddies...Yes, that is right I took a nap today...first one in about a year or so, but that Wedding Last night wore me OUT!!! We had a blast...but boy was I tired..and it figures the one day you would love to sleep in the kiddies have another idea...Let's get up with the sun this morning. As if they know you are so totally tired...LOL I feel great now, so well rested and full of energy!! Now I have to start on the mountain of wash I have to do...FUN Stuff!!! Isn't it amazing all the wash that accumulates once you have kids?? Like when it was jut me and hubby I did maybe 4 loads a week...Not's more like 2-3 loads a day!!! My son wears about 4 pair of socks a day.....Not to mention my daughter wearing about 3 outfits in a day as well!!! If only I could hire a laundry person...I would love that....Ohh, I better stop dreaming I am getting to excited thinking about it!!! LOL

Some deals I found today:

At Victoria's Secret..they are having a few specials...Check Them Out!!
Victoria's Secret
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Here is a link to TONS of Target Kids Toys coupons...Great to save for the upcoming holidays!!
Target Coupons

Save an extra 30% on everything Nov. 8-13

Bye for Now!!

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