Thursday, November 8

It's Contagious.....

Well my sister had to get me started...thinking about all the Christmas presents that I need to I started online shopping today. I stayed home today to rest and I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. My son is the hard one this year...he is 4 now and getting tougher and tougher to buy for!! He just loves the 99 cent Hot Wheels Cars, but how many of them do we need?? We must have at least 100 of them...I wanted to mix it up a little for him for Christmas..I know, I know just ask him to make a list or what he is wishing for.....all I get is he would love to have Caroline (from Thomas and Friends) and maybe a movie too. Don't worry I do not even get a title...LOL I have to start thinking up something soon I suppose....My daughter is cake this year and next year too probably. its is usually my hubby that is sooo hard to buy for....but this year we got smart...with the kiddies and all it is so hard to shop for each other so we are just going to buy a sofa for our family room...Only took us about 8 years to wise up to the idea!!! LOL We will just buy each other something small for under the tree...Sounds good to me...My son will love that idea too....WAY less trips to the stores to find the perfect gifts for daddy!!! Well I better get some shipping in before it gets too sister has made me wiser than last year..I am ALL about the online shopping this year!!! I can shop when the kiddies are in bed and they do not have to be bothered going to all the stores!!!

A few deals I found today.....
Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Center is NOW $50.60 (regularly $79.99) at Amazon right now. This table is Great!!! We have it in our yard and the kids LOVE IT!!! We have had it for two years now and the kids still play in it every time we go outside! Another great that is well worth the purchase is the Push Around Buggy (red or pink) it is NOW $32.40 down from originally $44.99. This is great for trips around the block, to ride to the fireworks, or even at the mall.
Here is a link for a printable in store only coupon to Barnes and Noble Bookstore, offer expires 11-18-07. 20% off one item only

If you are planning on doing some online shopping at Kohl's use Promo code GIVETHANKS to save an additional 30% off everything from November 8-13, 2007.

Good Night!!

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