Wednesday, November 7

A Little Under the Weather Today.....

Unfortunately, I am not feeling so hot today....I have my first cold of the season....of course I get something first and it is a cold.....figures! Hopefully tomorrow I feel a little bit better...I will begin slurping the Chicken Soup a little earlier tomorrow than today, maybe that's the trick. I made BBQ chicken for dinner in the crock-pot and it tasted like air....the one night I actually cook something good and I can't even taste it...hubby said it was good though (and he's my biggest critic). My son was a doll today he knew I did not feel well and he was covering me all up with the blanket, passing me his bed pillow, and being OH such a little helper! It's like they know just when you need them to be such perfect little angels!! Well I am off to bed....I know so early like an old lady....Oh Well call me what you will...I feel like an Old, Old sick lady tonight!!

Ta Ta for Now!!

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